Monday, 2 February 2015

Shunyatha, Purity, Zero State or Nothingness

1.Zero is a prerequisite for accuracy in physical measurement or in human Intelligent perception: Both in Mathematics and Philosophy of mind, Indian researchers are said to have discovered  Zero or nothingness with symbol ‘0’ as starting point to measure or respond accurately. Unless the measuring vessel is empty (0) before use, accurate measurement will not be possible. In case of weighing machine or a gas vending machine, or any precision measuring instrument, the reading has to be pre set to zero before use. Similarly, even human mind has to be free from pre-conceptions, if it has to perceive the new situation afresh and accurately.
2. Shunyata or the Zero State or the Meditation State: 
  Most, if not all, Indian saints have prescribed Shunyata, Zero, Pure ‘I’ or the Meditation State, as crucial to perceive external event or input accurately, as all responses will be matching and equal to the input, for ending the problem or crisis. Otherwise, only when our response boomerangs or brings up a new problem, we realize that there was an error in perception. If Zero or Meditation state was protected in all during early childhood, there wouldn’t have been any conflict at all and the world would have been a paradise. Fragmentation can be said to be similar to a calibration error in measuring instruments.

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