Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Inaccurate knowledge about the Mind, is sustaining the Fragmentation of intelligence.

Fragmented intelligence can’t be conditioned to accurate knowledge or ideas of Truth in memory, but only to inaccurate knowledge in memory. It is because, replay of inaccurate knowledge prompts the human intelligence to go on a wild goose chase, giving pleasure, escape or diversion from sorrow.

This statement goes to say that True or accurate knowledge itself was not found so far. Many Religious texts have also said that ‘True knowledge alone liberates mankind’. This also can be used to confirm that the true knowledge wasn’t found so far. If it was found, human intelligence couldn’t have remained in this bondage so far. True knowledge means only the actual description or diagnosis of the ailment or the injury. Because, human intelligence has the amazing ability to overcome its own lacuna, injury or the aberration, as soon as it discovers or comes to know the nature of actual damage.

Next question that may usually arise is ‘Why then the human intelligence in everyone, has been unable to discover its own lacuna or damage?’ The answer is not far to seek. Firstly, human intelligence is damaged due to an error in upbringing or the growing years of the brain and then it is fed only with inaccurate knowledge, whereby the intelligence is unable to understand its own amazing abiity. Secondly, wherever human intelligence has been raised without an error in upbringing, the basic knowledge about the structure, principle, operation and application of intelligence are not provided.

Further, a conditioned mind can’ be de-conditioned by merely giving to it the accurate set of knowledge. For instance, if a person is bonded to wrong or inaccurate information, it is not the wrong knowledge alone that is responsible, but the tendency and quality nature of gluing or binding of the intelligence, to the lifeless recording in memory, caused by fragmentation. The Intelligence has to meditate to allow the fragmentation to cease on its own.

An unfragmented intelligence can’t be conditioned or bound to any knowledge at all. It is the 'glue' or the instability that is binding. It is the fear or the conditioning that is holding on to pieces in memory.

It is undeniable that average present human behavior is not conducive to the stability and harmony in the world. Not only the environment is badly degraded but also human inter-actions have become highly conflicting. 

Present human problem is twofold. 1) Energy or the ‘I’ is getting damaged due to an error in the growing years of the brain, and 2) Wrong or inaccurate knowledge is also fed to it by the society and surroundings, and often unknowingly through text books also.


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