Saturday, 31 January 2015


1.   Enormity of human intelligence enables it to be above urges and discreetly and accurately respond to situations to  protect its surroundings and the whole universe. From millennia, all human babies at birth, have always been unfailingly endowed with it.
2.   Down the line something happened. A severely hurt child was crying. A parent unintentionally pampered it. Child stopped crying, but it caused permanence of damage to its intelligence. Sporadically , it is happening world wide ever since.
3   .External unperceivable physical hurts on the body causes division or fragmentation of the nascent or growing Intelligence in children, but after a while, it returns on its own to its normal state. If its attention is diverted due to pampering, then the return to normalcy is halted.
4.   Knowledge expanded enormously by development of language and mass communications. If fragmentation of intelligence caused aggressiveness and inappropriate responses sometimes and in some intellectual areas, it was considered as deliberate and voluntary and was ignored.
5.   To the sole ‘stable and fearless - I don’t know’ school of thought, gradually a challenging new partner began to rise: It is the ‘fear driven-aggressive here–but submissive to 'some super power’ school of thought’, as fragmented Intelligence often doubted its own stability.
6.   Fear driven noisy aggressive schools of thought by dualists began to grow and dominate faster using communication and language skills. Stable ‘I’ preferred silence and Volatile ‘I’ continued to make noise and to exploit the weak and the meek to escape from its internal misery.
7.   When Ashtavakra (7C- BCE) rightly asserted “I am the Consciousness”, dualists weren’t amused, as they didn’t understand.
8.   Buddha’s (5C-BCE) saying that ‘misery becomes permanent because of its bonding with reason or knowledge in memory’ was perhaps the next scientific non-dualistic revelation. However as usual, the dualists silenced the non-dualists. 
9.   Then Shankara (8C) arrived claiming “I am the creator”. He was perhaps another demonstration of the dual or Fragmented Consciousness returning to its unfragmented or non-dual state and reclaiming its ‘fearless or single mind state’.
10.Next giant leap was by J Krishnamurti, who declared that Thought has created all problems of mankind. However, he didn’t go to elaborate how thoughts are produced and whether there are two kinds of thoughts, motivated and natural.
11.From time to time, non-dual teachers have arrived and tried in vain to liberate mankind. 
12.Sadly, due to a simple and avoidable error in raising children, mankind has lost not only the amazing ability of Intelligence, but also has lost its minimum ability to lead the unconflicting  (psychological) lives of animals.
13.‘To protect natural Intelligence in children, don’t pamper crying children, but treat them medically’. Mere spreading of this harmless message can save millions to mankind, as Prisons, Courts, Asylums and War fields can thereafter become empty.

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